Patients Testimonials

Sandra – Missing front teeth

I’m absolutely delighted with the work that he (Rik) has done…Rik is the kindest person that you could ever see….the team are wonderful….it makes me happier to look in the mirror everyday!


Sandra was referred to us because she had extremely loose upper and lower front teeth affecting her smile and confidence. They were beyond saving with gum treatment and we decided to replace them with dental implants same day. In one appointment after careful planning these teeth were removed and replaced with dental implant supported bridges which immediately improved her appearance and confidence. after 3 months of healing the final beautiful ceramic bridges were fitted.


Janice – Missing lower front teeth

“I found Rik and he changed my life. After the implant treatment I feel much more confident. He made me feel very calm. I was very nervous and didn’t know where to turn before. I feel so much more comfortable coming to the dentist”


Janice had very wobbly teeth and gum infections affecting her chewing and confidence. She was also very nervous about having dental treatment. She had dental implants to replace her lower front teeth.


Beverley – Missing upper front teeth

” I was told by 5 different dentists that they couldn’t save my teeth and I needed dentures. I was very nervous and had not been to the dentist for 20 years after a bad experience. I was terrified coming in the door at the first appointment but I found Rik and the team so friendly. I had my treatment, I had implants and a bridge for my front teeth and it completely changed my life. I smile a lot more and people say I am pretty from within and it brought out my happiness! Rik and the team are wonderful. I would recommend this treatment and this practice 100%”


Beverly had advanced gum disease and very wobbly top front teeth affecting her smile and confidence. She would not speak without covering her mouth with her hands and people thought because she never liked to smile she was always grumpy and sad.


Sima – Multiple missing teeth

“Thank-you Rik. I was worried the new teeth wouldn’t feel or look natural. They look great, no one can tell, and I feel great. I feel like I have my own teeth again. I would recommend this treatment with you to anyone who wears dentures”


This patient has been wearing a denture to replace her missing teeth for over 20 years. Gradually the denture was making the gums around it recede and loosening other teeth. We agreed to replace the missing and loose teeth with dental implants. 


Anne – Upper all on 4 same day teeth

“I had implants and it’s brilliant. It’s given me more confidence and I had no pain or discomfort with the treatment. If you need this treatment just have it done!”


Anne had a loose upper full denture and was recommended to have a dental implant supported bridge by her neighbour who had the same treatment and was very happy.


Louise – Missing upper front teeth

“I’m really really thrilled with everything I’ve had done. It was my very front tooth so obviously very visible. Absolutely brilliant staff, very very friendly and I’m very happy with the result!”


Louise was recommended by a friend who had dental implant treatment by Rik. She had lost a front tooth and was very unhappy with wearing a denture.


Godfrey – Missing upper front teeth

“I came to see Rik after seeing a few dentists and I saw the practice website and was amazed at the technology at the practice and had to come here. The innovation in technology was just fantastic. The service was very professional and I’m absolutely very happy and delighted. It’s made a lot of difference in my life as it’s given me a lot of confidence and also will help with my career as I deal with clients face to face all the time. I’m very very happy thanks very much!”


Godfrey had a missing and a broken front tooth affecting his smile and confidence especially at work where he dealt with clients face to face. He had dental implant treatment to restore his smile and confidence.


Roger – Multiple missing teeth

“I didn’t enjoy wearing my dentures and Rik had made it easy for me to replace them with implants. I had same day teeth and it was absolutely unbelievable. It’s made such a difference with my smile and confidence. I can smile and laugh and have a huge amount of confidence now. Thank-you!”


Roger had been wearing dentures for many years affecting his confidence. He was very nervous about dental treatment and admitted to a low pain threshold.

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