CT Scan


All scans are sent on a disc with full
planning and diagnostics software
included for free.
Small f.o.v / 1-3 teeth – £99 per scan
Full arch – £150 per arch
Full arch with full support – £200
OPG – £30


Diagnostic Dental CT scans are useful to
Dentists in some of the following ways:
• To check a patient’s suitability for
dental implants.
• To check bone quality prior to
placement of dental implants.
• To find the best place to insert an
• To have a 3D view of the sinus cavities,
to assess the need for sinus lifts.


Dental CT Scanning for Dentist Referrals.
We offer dental CT scanning using
state-of-the art technology at the lowest
prices in Britain. We provide all
diagnostic software with the ct scan to
plan implant placement and nerve
identification without needing to
purchase additional expensive software
licenses like simplant. All scans will be
emailed in 3 days and can be posted on
a disc with all nescessary software

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