Missing front teeth

Patient Case 1


Sandra was referred to us because she had extremely loose upper and lower front teeth affecting her smile and confidence. They were beyond saving with gum treatment and we decided to replace them with dental implants same day. In one appointment after careful planning these teeth were removed and replaced with dental implant supported bridges which immediately improved her appearance and confidence. after 3 months of healing the final beautiful ceramic bridges were fitted.

Sandra says about her treatment by Rik:

I’m absolutely delighted with the work that he (Rik) has done…Rik is the kindest person that you could ever see….the team are wonderful….it makes me happier to look in the mirror everyday!


Patient Case 2

case 17

Tom – November 2013


Patient Case 3

case 19

Paul had damaged his front teeth playing football and required a bone graft and dental implant treatment.

He says after his treatment;

 Rik was very sincere. I had a bone graft, dental implants and veneers. I am 100% happy with the result and would sincerely recommend Rik to everyone!


Patient Case 4

case 1

Immediate implant following fractured root of post crown

Sarah complained of a fractured post crown on her front tooth. She was extremely nervous and very conscious of the affect losing this tooth would have on her appearance. After careful planning with our in house ct scan the tooth was carefully removed and an implant, post and crown was placed in one visit to restore her appearance. 3 months later the final crown was placed. She is absolutely delighted with her result and gained in confidence at her visits to the dentist.


Patient Case 5

case 3

Immediate implant

Gwen attended an emergency appointment with a broken tooth at gum level. She was very conscience of the poor appearance. A key factor was her high lip line showing excess gum which could be lost if the tooth was removed and not replaced carefully. After careful planning and skill the tooth was carefully removed and an implant post and temporary crown placed to restore Gwen’s appearance. 3 months later the final crown was placed restoring Gwen’s smile and supporting her gum.


Patient Case 6

case 5


Implant bridge

Pauline could not chew properly after losing her back teeth and could not get on with the denture made for her. After having a fixed implant bridge by Rik  she can function and smile normally.


Patient Case 7

case 9


The patient wanted the best solution for her two missing front teeth. Dental implants were carried out for the best long term result thus restoring her smile and providing excellent function!

 My previous experience with dentists was not a particularly pleasant experience. Dr Trivedi’s skills are far superior compared to my old dentist; he made dentistry an interesting and enjoyable experience 


Patient Case 8

case 10

Colin had a failing post crown on the front right top tooth which required replacing. His other front teeth were very discoloured also. With great care and experience, Rik was able to remove the failing tooth and at the same time place an implant, post and temporary crown. After healing the final crown was placed with finest porcelain veneers on the other 3 front teeth to given an even colour and beautiful smile.


Patient Case 9

case 13

Dental implant

Peter had Dental implants to restore his smile by Rik.


Patient Case 10

case 16

Two implants

After a sports injury many years ago Martin had been wearing a removable partial denture. This denture was causing damage to his surrounding teeth and gums.

After a careful examination including a ct scan the treatment plan was agreed to replace the 2 missing upper central incisor teeth with 2 dental implants.

At the day of surgery the area was comfortably numbed and the implants were placed with minimal discomfort after, followed by a fixed temporary bridge to give Martin the feeling of having his teeth back. After the implants had firmed up in the jaw- a process called osseo-integration just like your own roots the final natural teeth are fitted and no one will no the difference. You will look and feel like you have natural beautiful fixed teeth just like Martin.


Patient Case 11

case 18


James says his mini smile makeover by Rik has changed his life!

James damaged his upper front four teeth playing sport many years ago. He presented with failed post-crowns and fillings and had teeth whitening followed by 2 porcelain veneers and 2 dental implants.

James says;

 The treatment has changed my life, the way i eat the way i look. I’m more confident. I’m very happy with the result 

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