Missing front and back teeth

Patient Case 1


This patient has been wearing a denture to replace her missing teeth for over 20 years. Gradually the denture was making the gums around it recede and loosening other teeth. We agreed to replace the missing and loose teeth with dental implants.

 Thank-you Rik. I was worried the new teeth wouldn’t feel or look natural. They look great, no one can tell, and I feel great. I feel like I have my own teeth again. I would recommend this treatment with you to anyone who wears dentures 
Mrs H


Patient Case 2


Maureen – upper anterior implant supported bridge and crowns

Maureen had been wearing a denture to replace her upper front four teeth and back teeth for many years. The denture had sunk in and her front teeth could barely be seen and the denture was quite loose. Careful planning with our in- house ct scanner allowed Rik to place implants to support a fixed bridge and crowns and give Maureen her confidence and smile back.


Patient Case 3


Roger had been wearing dentures for many years affecting his confidence. He was very nervous about dental treatment and admitted to a low pain threshold.

 I didn’t enjoy wearing my dentures and Rik had made it easy for me to replace them with implants. I had same day teeth and it was absolutely unbelievable. It’s made such a difference with my smile and confidence. I can smile and laugh and have a huge amount of confidence now. Thank-you! 


Patient Case 4

Martin suffered from advanced gum disease affecting his front and back top and bottom teeth requiring removal and replacement. He was referred By his dentist Dr Jadhav in Gillingham for implant treatment.

After advanced planning the teeth were removed and same day fixed teeth and a bone graft were carried out to improve Martin’s smile and confidence in one day. After healing the final work was fitted.

 The work I’ve had done has literally changed my life. I can finally eat an apple. If you need this work done just get it done. The staff at Kaizen dental implants centre always have a smile on them and genuinely care that you have a great experience. I used to be very nervousness but I love coming here. It was very comfortable and easy treatment coming from someone like me who was a phobic. Thank- you Rik and the Kaizen team and thank to my dentist for referring me here!! 


Patient Case 5

Simon attended the practice referred to our clinic with very loose splinted front lower teeth which the patient finally wanted removed and replaced as well as his missing back teeth.

We were able to give him same day teeth at the front to restore his smile.

Simon says about his treatment with Rik at Kaizen Dental Implants Centre

 I had a lot of problems with my bottom teeth, I came and saw Rik and he managed to fix it very easily with dental implants. My wife is very happy with the result and says I can’t stop smiling. I’ve recommended the procedure to a few people now and would recommend it to everyone. 

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