No Teeth (Edentulous Jaws)


While some consider people without teeth to be funny, missing all your teeth is certainly no laughing matter. If you have lost all your natural teeth, did you know you don’t have to wear dentures for the rest of your life?

With the help of dental implants placed into your jaw, a full arch of artificial teeth can be fixed onto them, giving you a permanent smile solution. This type of restoration makes it easy to bite and chew with confidence.

When you lose your natural teeth, your jaw bone and surrounding tissues start to disappear over time, which means dentures won’t always fit properly and the bone structure of your face will change, giving your mouth a sunken appearance. When implants are placed in the jaw, it stimulates the remaining bone to grow and mesh around the metal surfaces.

At Kaizen Dental Implants Centre, Dr Rik Trivedi has completed extensive training in implant dentistry and has worked with many patients over the years to fix their smiles using this advanced treatment.

We are proud to offer this advanced treatment to our patients and improve their quality of life.

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